March 28, 2014
Parents Starved Infant Child So They Can Pay For Netflix; Nine-Month-Old Weighed Seven Pounds

An infant child was rescued by the Arizona police while his parents were arrested and jailed after they allegedly starved their own son so they can continue paying for their Netflix subscription.

According to Fox Carolina, Arizona parents Veronica Diaz and Ryan Morris are currently under police custody after their infant son was rescued by medical workers. Official medical report states that the nine-month child is suffering from severe malnutrition.

The infant child is terribly underweight, according to medical officers who confirmed that he only weighed merely seven pounds. According to Live Strong, a nine-month old baby should weigh around 20 pounds.

The mother's personal account of her son's situation was more disturbing:

"His eyes were twitching. He would respond, but every time he opened his eyes they would just start twitching. His color wasn't good, and from what they said, his kidneys were failing,"
Diaz admitted that she has stopped giving her child infant formula since March 1. She says she and her boyfriend lost their jobs recently and are currently incapable of buying food for their infant child. Diaz further complained that her last paycheck, combined with her boyfriend's social security, only amounted to less than $1000 which according to her was not enough to support infant formula.

But when it was discovered that their Netflix was up and running, she quickly defended that their older children needed to have something to watch in the house.

The family also had an internet connection and was subscribed to premium cable channels like HBO.

When asked how she thought she would be perceived for paying for Netflix before buying her infant son his formula, she responded: "Not good".

According to Baby Center, a nine-month old infant should have five to seven ounces of baby formula per 2.2 kilograms of the child's body weight per day. A child of the same age with a normal body weight of 20 pounds should be consuming at least 22 ounces of infant formula daily. The cheapest branded formula in the market ranges from 5 to 8 dollars per box.

While starving one's own child is seen as despicable by most people, many parents don't seem to care. Just a few days ago, the Inquisitr reported that a woman in North Dakota was jailed after it was discovered that she starved her 13-year-old son to death. His son's body was riddled with bruises and wounds, evidence of abuse most possibly perpetuated by her negligent mother.

Diaz told the press that she feels bad about what happened to her infant child.

[Images from Fox Carolina]