Good Luck Charlie Star Shane Harper In 'God's Not Dead'


Good Luck Charlie's actor, Shane Harper is the hottest up and coming Disney Star. But unlike other Disney stars who have gone down the wrong path, Harper, one of the cast members of Good Luck Charlie, seems to have his head on straight. Born on Valentine's Day in 1993, Shane will be sure to steal the hears of many young girls as his career continues to explode. His latest role is in the highly talked about film God's Not Dead.

Harper is not only an actor, but a singer-songwriter, musician and dancer, as well. His parents got him active in community theater at the age of nine. At that same age, Shane learned to play the piano and guitar, reports Wikipedia.

Before he joined the cast of Disney's Good Luck Charlie, Shane held numerous roles in various television shows and film, including High School Musical 2 and Dance Revolution. A lot of the characters Harper has portrayed have revolved around music. His character, Spencer Walsh, on Good Luck Charlie has performed as a singer many times during Harper's twenty-seven episodes, per

So, it comes as no surprise that Wikipedia reports that Shane has signed with AMi Records as of 2011. His most recent album entitled Shane Harper was released in 2012.

In March, the Good Luck Charlie actor, stars in David A.R. White's Christian film, God's Not Dead. says Shane plays the role of Josh, who is a Christian apologetic. Harper says he's always been interested in Apologetics and the "idea of defending your faith," which drew him to this character.

Shane continues saying that "Science and the Christian faith are not mutually exclusive."

As a Christian, David A.R. White, producer of God's Not Dead, decided to start his own production company, Pure Flix Entertainment, where he solely focuses on family entertainment and faith based films.

Fox News has reported White as saying that he "makes movies that uplift and inspire the human spirit which some would call a radical idea." He wears the label of being a Christian very boldly and with honor.

Shane Harper, who works alongside Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain in this film says he was drawn Josh's progression throughout the film as he studied the debate scenes. Harper referred to it as "a spiritual journey," according to

Many have anticipated the release of God's Not Dead, and look forward to great things from Shane Harper in the future, as his role ends with the series finale in Good Luck Charlie. Now we wish you luck, Shane.

photo credit: Kristi Bradshaw via photopin cc