Guy Assaults Girl In Front of Friends, Claims She Embarrassed Him: Assault Footage Goes Viral

Is there ever probable cause for a man to hit a woman? Obviously that wasn’t a question of concern with the most recent, disturbing video that’s gone viral on the Web. The six-second clip captures a male and female embroiled in an argument.

According to World Star Hip Hop, the man became furious with the woman because she allegedly embarrassed him in front of his friends. In the video, a man can be heard expressing his anger toward the woman, who allegedly called him a b***h. To supposedly reprimand her for the boorish insult, he struck her across the face. The man hit her so hard; she fell out of the chair, breaking its legs. He can also be seen with a gun in his hand throughout the clip.

The description for the video reads, “All the dudes around not doing a thing.. how is this okay.”

While his actions were utterly unacceptable, he wasn’t the only one who should be observed. The other men in the room obviously didn’t see a problem with his volatile actions either. Instead, judging from the sounds they all made, it seemed as though they were actually riveted by his actions when they should have been repulsed.

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language that might be disturbing to some viewers.**

The video, which was originally uploaded to Vine, has been posted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a number of other social media networks and news outlets. The disturbing footage went viral the same day it hit the Web, sparking a heated debate about the trend in exploitation and the gratification some people seem to receive by uploading heinous acts of violence on the Web.

Unfortunately, the comments are probably just as disturbing as the video, itself. Of course, there were viewers who found the video repulsive, but, more than a few viewers found his actions justifiable and even comical. Some have even said she deserved the demeaning blow for what she said.

“Only insecure men put hands on females, unless she running at u with a knife in her hand, there’s no need to fight a girl,” a user with the screen name YungYao said.

“Our women need to be taught right from wrong,” a user with the screen name La King Washington said via “I believe a verbal warning should have been issued before he struck her(which i’m pretty sure he did issue) and he should have made an attempt to reason with her. If he did in fact issue a warning/attempt to reason with her and she continued to disrespect him then his actions were justified. She had every opportunity to recant her previous statements and she continued to hurl those vulgar insults his direction. She got what she deserved. Bottomline.”

The difference in opinions is actually the riveting part of it all, since one would assume the extremity of his actions would be undeniably wrong. Can his actions be justified? Do you feel he was wrong or did he have probable cause?

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