Lindsay Lohan Is Pissed About ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ending [Video]

By now even if you haven’t watched a single episode of How I Met Your Mother, odds are you know that it’s ending next Monday. Actress and brand new reality star Lindsay Lohan is pissed about the CBS sitcom coming to an end after nine lengthy seasons.

To express just how pissed and heartbroken she is about the show coming to an end, Lindsay Lohan and Funny or Die’s Billy on the Streets’ Billy Eichner took to the streets of New York City to air out their frustration with the show and its cast members.

The actress, who will be seen as a guest star on 2 Broke Girls, joined Billy Eichner and hammered the windows of a vehicle that was decorated with the cast members faces and familiar catchphrases from the show. Before Lohan went crazy on the car she admitted, “It’s actually my favorite show. I’m really f—ing pissed; it’s too soon,” said Lohan.

Lohan’s “anger” over How I Met Your Mother ending came out in full force as she took the sledge-hammer to Jason Segel’s face first, and shouted, “Jason Segel, I’m tired of seeing your penis in every movie!”
Eichner of course joined the actress as he took out Neil Patrick Harris’ face with his sledgehammer as he proclaimed, “Neil Patrick Harris, take that, you awards-show a–hole.”

Although Eichner had great enthusiasm, Lindsay Lohan had the best lines as she bellowed, “I should have done this to Herbie Fully Loaded when he abandoned me!”

We have to admit, it was pretty great to see Lohan demolishing a car, but the best part of the video wasn’t about seeing Lohan wreak havoc on an automobile (she’s done that before when it wasn’t a sketch), but it was seeing the Herbie Fully Loaded actress Lohan shout “I’ve worked with Lily Tomlin” repeatedly, for no apparent reason other than to boast.

This funny sketch featuring Lindsay Lohan has been a nice break from the hysteria that’s going on around Lohan on a weekly basis. Currently Lindsay Lohan’s chaos can be seen on a weekly basis on her docu-series on OWN, the network owned by Oprah Winfrey. Last week’s episode saw Oprah making a house visit to Lindsay’s mother’s house in Long Island to confront Lohan about treating production poorly and cancelling shooting days. Hopefully we’ll see more of Lindsay Lohan in funny sketches like the How I Met Your Mother car sketch and less in a tailspin on OWN.