October 21, 2016
Jared Leto Spills The Beans On His Sick Fans

Poor Jared Leto, it must be tough being an internationally recognizable, terribly talented and endearingly charismatic renaissance man at the best of times, but when you attract the sort of deeply disturbed fans who send you various dismembered body parts instead of the standard poetry, photographs and wedding proposals, then things get a little tougher still.

In a no-holds barred interview with The Vine, Jared Leto replies to the interviewer's prompt that she heard he once received half an ear in the mail, with the causally blithe:

"Oh I've gotten weirder than that. I've basically received a whole human body."
Shell-shocked by Jared's confession, the bewildered interviewer then asks: "What? In different pieces? Not in one piece!"

To which Jared Leto simply replies, "Pretty much." At this point the interviewer, Caitlin Irving, who earlier in the piece calls Jared, "the world's most current man", and one who has "an unblinking and penetrating intensity in his eyes", decides not to continue with this particular line of questioning, but not before secretly asking herself: "What does 'pretty much mean' Has Jared Leto actually received a whole human body in the mail?"

Well that's the million dollar question, isn't it Caitlin? And one no doubt various officers of the law would be interested in asking if there is any substance in Jared Leto's claims.

Of course, rock stars and actors are prone to exaggerating the truth somewhat if it can enhance their own mystique and boost their own PR, and Jared Leto is no exception, But let's make no bones about it; if anyone's going to attract the crazies and accept them with without judgement or condemnation, it's Mr Leto.

30 Seconds To Mars singer Jared Leto recently won an Oscar for playing a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club and admitted to taking style inspiration from none other than Jesus Christ. Which as far as style icons go, is pretty almighty. Even for the likes of Jared Leto.

Jared Leto also confessed how he wanted to turn up to the Academy Awards in drag. So old Jared is certainly not immune to letting a little cosmic craziness into his life to rock his world and help him think outside of the box. Yet, isn't being sent body parts in the post a little too much for even the most out there rocker - which Jared Leto certainly isn't by anyone's standards.

But let's be honest; in this crazy and messed up celebrity obsessed world in which Jared Leto is a major player, when does the fan boy or fan girl stop and the celebrity stalker begin? Perhaps Jared Leto should be a little more cautious the next time the postman knocks and asks, "Is Mr Leto at home?"