Tornadoes In California: Twister Damages More Than A Dozen Homes

Tornadoes in California can be extremely dangerous, and residents of Sacramento in Northern California felt the full force of a massive twister which touched down on Wednesday, damaging dozens of homes.

Around 20 houses suffered roof and fence damage after the tornado hit near Roseville in Placer County, just after 6:00 p.m. local time.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and no residents were displaced; even two families whose homes were more seriously damaged were able to remain on their property.

A 300 yard path of debris was caused by the tornadoes in California with a width of ten to twenty yards in some places.

Rob Baquera, a fire department spokesman, said:

“We’re in a bit of recovery mode right now as there were a few people a bit shaken up as they saw the cloud roll over them. We’re fortunate that everybody did the right thing by seeking shelter in place when the tornado struck.”

Michael Palmer, the head meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told reporters:

“The tornadoes which do occur are created by systems coming off the Pacific and are generally much weaker than those experienced by the Plains, as was the case here.”

Most of California received some significant rainfall which was whipped up by heavy winds, along with thunderstorms and hail. A resident of California, Mike Vladimer, spoke positively to reporters about the tornadoes in California:

“So, I know people hate the rain here and I’m very not used to it. But at the same time, I’ve seen how low the water levels are. So hopefully this is getting over the mountains and into the reservoirs.”

Rain is expected to continue into the weekend, and current estimates are for a half-inch to inch mark for rainfall. Holly Osborne, a meteorologist from Sacramento said, “We’re expecting unsettled weather even into early next week, so be prepared to bring your umbrella and rain boots.”