Mumford & Sons Not Breaking Up, Says Rep

Mumford & Sons fans can all calm down now, because according to the folk band’s rep Marcus Mumford and company are not splitting up anytime soon. Despite the band going on a hiatus, Mumford & Sons are still very much together.

Of course, fans of the group did have reason to worry for a while there. The band’s banjo and guitar player, Winston Marshall, had revealed during an interview with Vulture that Mumford & Sons were dunzo, but now the band’s rep has explained that it was simply a joke that might have been taken out of context. In the interview Marshall said, “I wish I had something to say about Mumford & Sons. It was a good time. It’s over.”

Although Winston was “joking” he also commented on how much he didn’t like playing the banjo, which is one of the main instruments he plays while in Mumford & Sons. To put it in his words he “Hates the f—ing banjo.” Though if we go by Mumford & Son’s rep that might be a joke as well.

Either way, this isn’t the first time that the breakup rumors have swirled around Mumford & Sons. Marcus Mumford, the band’s lead told UK’s XFM of the rumors, “Everyone keeps asking if we’ve broken up as a band, which I love, so I keep saying ‘yes,’ Then we can have a big comeback tour next year!”

A comeback tour is definitely something that most fans of Mumford & Sons are looking out for. The band’s hiatus has been going on for some time. Back in September Mumford & Sons clued in fans that they would be taking a long break after they wrap up their international tour. In an interview with popular publication Rolling Stone, the band’s keyboardist Ben Lovett said:

“There won’t be any Mumford & Sons activities for the foreseeable future,” adding, “We’re just going to rest up. I don’t think we’ve had actually much time in the process to be with other people and living a life outside of the band. I think that’s what’s in place at the moment, to do very little – especially when it comes to Mumford & Sons.”

The keyboardist continued:

“We just know we’re going to take a considerable amount of time off and just go back to hanging out and having no commitments or pressure or anything like that.”

Hopefully Mumford & Sons are nearing their return, but just by looking at their official Twitter page it doesn’t really seem like that’s the case. Aside from a tweet in February, for the most part their account has been pretty inactive since December, and even then there wasn’t any new news to report.

[Image Credit: Universal Music Group]