Christopher Nolan Introduces Sci-Fi Film ‘Interstellar’

The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan hit CinemaCon on Wednesday to preview his sci-fi spectacle Interstellar. Not too many details have been given out about the follow up to the Dark Knight series, but that changed a bit when Nolan hit the stage at CinemaCon to a packed out theater.

Nolan, who attended the conference advocated for film projection as the best method to deliver the moving image. During his speech he urged the crowd, which was filled with theater owners, to show older films, and while that’s a great push in the right direction, the information he gave on Interstellar is far more exciting in terms of upcoming cinema.

For those who aren’t familiar Interstellar is about a team of space travelers who travel through a wormhole. As the scientists embark on a new journey, they discover a wormhole that connects separate regions. As far as the general plot goes it’s said to involve time travel and alternative dimensions, but everything else leading up to CinemaCon has been pretty vague.

The film seems to hinge on Matthew McConaughey’s performance, and for the director, having an actor like McConaughey take the lead was extremely important.

“I needed someone who is very much an everyman, someone the audience could experience the story with. He’s just a phenomenal, charismatic presence in the movie. His performance is shaping up to be extraordinary.”

As far as the tone of the space journey film Nolan explained that it’s a call back to the golden age of the blockbuster.

“I grew up in an era that was a golden age of the blockbuster when something we might call a family film could have universal appeal. That’s something I want to see again. In terms of the tone of the film, it looks where we are as a people and has a universality about human experience.”

In addition to casting Matthew McConaughey Interstellar also has a few repeaters of Nolan’s film work including, Anne Hathaway, and Michael Caine. In terms of fresh faces to Nolan’s players there’s Jessica Chastain, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, John Lithgow and Mackenzie Foy — just to name a few.

Nolan also opened up on why he always casts veteran actor Michael Caine (as if he needs a reason to.) Nevertheless Nolan said:

“He comes so prepared and he is just so good that, with such a minimal effort. I cast him in every film just as an example to everyone else. He’s just a lovely guy to be around. He jokes that he’s my lucky charm. It was a very good strategy on his part.”

Interstellar is set to hit theaters on November 7, 2014.

[Image Credit: Paramount Studios]