Ariana Grande Fights Back Against Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Ariana Grande isn’t one to sit idly by while someone claims she’s a thief.

The Sam & Cat star was famously accused last year of stealing lyrics from the 70s tune “Troglodyte” for her hit single “The Way.” According to the folks at Minder Music, Grande lifted some lyrics penned by the disco group The Jimmy Castor Bunch.

However, Entertainmentwise is reporting that Ariana Grande flatly denies doing anything wrong. In fact, she stated in court documents that she didn’t steal lyrics from the aforementioned group while writing the tune.

According to the copyright infringement lawsuit against Ariana, Minder Music believes the singer borrowed a single line from “Troglodyte.” While she admits that the her song features similar lyrics, she denies intentionally stealing the words.

“What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time,” is the line written by The Jimmy Castor Bunch.

“What we gotta do right here is go back, back into time,” is the line featured in Ariana Grande’s “The Way.”

Radar Online explains that Grande never approached the company for permission to the use the lyric in question. Ariana also argued that Minder Music cannot lay claim to part of her song since copyrighting such a basic phrase is beyond the limits of the law.

Finally, the singer asked the judge to deny the company’s request for an injunction against “The Way.” If the courts decide to kick the copyright infringement lawsuit to the curb, Grande wants Minder to pay for all of her legal fees. In short: The girl isn’t the sort of person you can push around.

Although there are a few positives lurking just around the corner, 2014 has definitely been a rough year for Ariana Grande. In addition to dealing with this lawsuit, the singer had to contend with a batch of lies concocted by celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Apparently the guy decided to spread rumors about her cocaine habit after her fans took issue with the negative comments he made about her 2014 Grammy Awards outfit.

The singer’s duet with Chris Brown was indefinitely pushed back after he was unexpectedly tossed into jail for violating his probation. The Inquisitr previously reported that Grande will issue the first single from her sophomore album instead, though it’s unclear when that will happen.

Are you a fan of Ariana Grande? What do you think about the singer fighting back against Minder Music’s copyright infringement lawsuit?