World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Homosexuals, Is It Too Late?

World Vision has reversed their controversial decision to hire homosexuals just two days after announcing the shocking policy. World Vision U.S. president Richard Stearns came out with the reversal news on Wednesday, following a flood of backlash from the evangelical Christian community. In a follow up announcement, Stearns had this to say concerning the change of heart.

"The last couple of days have been painful. We feel pain and a broken heart for the confusion we caused for many friends who saw this policy change as a strong reversal of World Vision's commitment to biblical authority, which it was not intended to be."

According to Stearns, World Vision lost a number of major donors to the charity, as well as receiving phone calls that asked him to consider the organization's statement of faith. Pleas from Christian leaders like John Piper, Franklin Graham, Russell Moore, and Al Mohler caused Stearns and the World Vision board to take back their landmark decision.

The reality behind World Vision's decision to reverse the policy to hire homosexuals is related to financial pressure. According to reports, World Vision lost more than 2,000 private sponsorships in two days because of the announcement. The Assemblies of God churches in America were encouraged by General Superintendent George Wood to stop their support of World Vision until the decision was reversed. Upon hearing that Stearns and the board had changed their minds, Wood released a statement urging Assemblies of God members to reaffirm their support of World Vision.

Same-sex marriage supporters and advocacy groups who applauded the move by World Vision, were very upset by their reversal. "At a time when people are losing their lives around the globe simply for being who they are, such a reversal is not just sad but it sends a potentially catastrophic message," said Sharon Groves, religion and faith program director for the Human Rights Campaign.

But what is not being said by many is that the decision by World Vision to reverse the policy may be too little, too late. The 10 largest charity in the U.S. reportedly has been struggling financially. Many conservatives suggested that the move to hire homosexuals was an attempt to gain supporters within the LGBT community. What Stearns and the board failed to realize was the backlash such a decision would have on their current support structure. In truth, World Vision may have lost supporters they will never get back and have now further alienated the gay community. This move could prove to be a disastrous end to a charity that seeks to help the poor worldwide.

What do you think of World Vision's decision to reverse their policy regarding the hiring of homosexuals? Was it the right or wrong move?

[Image via World Vision]