WWE News: Rob Van Dam’s WWE Return Date Revealed

WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam was speculated for Wrestlemania 30 this year, but it seemed like he wasn’t interested in the idea of it. RVD left the WWE months ago after his short term contract ended, making many wonder if he would ever return. Many fans began calling RVD, “Job Van Dam”, as he was losing consistently against people he’d normally be favored to beat.

WWE allowed RVD to jump into the World Heavyweight Title scene for a short period and Van Dam was said to be having a good time in WWE. Then news reports came out that he hated the way he was being used by WWE and wanted out once his contract ended in the Fall.

RVD came back in 2013 at WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV in the summer. Fans did not expect RVD to be back in the company and WWE surprised everyone by putting out a video package at WWE’s Payback PPV.

RVD is clearly one of the best of his time and he is considered one of the best athletes the WWE ever had. He is set to come back on April 7th, the night after Wrestlemania 30 on WWE RAW. The 43 year old can still work well in the ring, and a new contract means a lot of new possibilities for the former WWE Champion.

WWE is bringing Van Dam back on a huge night. The night after Wrestlemania is usually high in ratings and has one of the hottest crowds of the year.

If WWE could not get RVD back for Wrestlemania, then this night is the perfect one to bring him back on. It is uncertain if RVD signed a longer contract or not, as WWE nor Rob have released that information yet. It was rumored that he might sign a 90 day deal, but this was uncertain.

Van Dam is lucky enough not to be riddled with injuries at his age, especially due to his style of wrestling. WWE hopes as well as his fans, that RVD can stay in perfect health. It is doubtful the WWE will ever put a World Title on Van Dam again after the last incident they had with him while holding not one, but two World Titles.

Van Dam is a known marijuana user and activist, and both he and wrestler Sabu were pulled over and caught with weed and pain killers on them. Both were arrested for the incident. It put a black eye on WWE and Van Dam was stripped of both titles.

He left the WWE soon after and did not return to wrestling full time until his stint with TNA years back. Of course, he not stepped in a WWE ring outside of random Royal Rumble appearances until Money in the Bank in 2013. Making it the better part of a decade that Van Dam was not under contract with WWE.

The WWE has benefited from RVD’s return and it seems that they are happy to have him back. Fans love RVD and feel he is still just as exciting as he always was. So it will be interesting to see how WWE uses him in 2014. Will be continue to job out to people or become a contender for a secondary championship? Time will tell.