Is Lil Wayne Really Hooking Up With ‘Flavor Of Love’ Star Candace Cabrera?

Lil Wayne and his love life have generated a fair amount of interest from the internet over the past few days.

While some news outlets are tripping over themselves to cover Weezy’s recent CRWN interview, others are deeply concerned about the rapper’s retirement following the release of Tha Carter V. However, there are a few fans out there who really want to know about the folks Lil Wayne is keeping between the sheets.

According to Urban Islandz, the Young Money CEO is reportedly hooking up with Flavor of Love alum Candace Cabrera. Yes, that’s the same person Public Enemy entertainer Flava Flav had on his arm for a while.

Since neither Lil Wayne nor Cabrera have confirmed the relationship as of this writing, that means we’ll have to rely on gossip websites for info regarding their romance. Unfortunately for those who care about such things, even these outlets don’t have any real news about the situation. However, there are a few photos of the pair floating around on social media.

Lil Wayne and his white girl #WhiteGirlWednesday

— INSAYNE 4 WAYNE. (@WeezyAddictions) May 23, 2013

Hip Hollywood reports that Candace recently responded to reports that she’s dating Lil Wayne. Although she didn’t deny getting close to the rapper, she is apparently a little tired of people referring to her as a reality television veteran. Whoops!

“Why are people still stuck on the fact I did ‘Flavor of Love.’ That was like 7 years ago… I was just having fun. Okay, let’s move on please,” she complained. Sometimes the past has a funny way of latching on to your backside and never letting go. Even a degree in microbiology won’t erase your TV-oriented past.

Of course, there’s always the possibly that Lil Wayne is presently engaged to Dhea Sodano. Since Weezy is remaining tight-lipped about the situation, it’s anybody’s guess what’s going on behind closed doors. After all, remember when reports started making the rounds that Nicki Minaj was pregnant with his child? That was fun for about a minute.

“Nicki twice made toasts by drinking water instead of wine, and it’s highly unusual for her to toast with anything but a full glass of wine,” an anonymous source dished earlier this year. Of course, this naturally meant she was well on her way to motherhood.

Are you a fan of Lil Wayne? Do you believe the rapper is hooking up with reality TV vet University of Kentucky graduate Candace Cabrera?

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