WWE News: Superstar Christian Set To Retire Soon?

WWE is made up of several Superstars and Divas, but just like in sports, there comes a time when even the best have to hang up the gear and retire. WWE Superstar Christian may be doing so very soon. Dating back to 2012, Christian has been embroiled in several injuries from his arms to his feet, it just seems like Christian could not seem to stay healthy.

This is really weird for him, as before 2011, Christian barely had an injury to speak of, much less one that kept him out for months on end. At age 40, Christian is quickly losing ground as a top name in the company. Christian is best known for being in a tag team with his best friend Adam Copeland, better known by pro-wrestling fans as Edge.

Edge and Christian went on to win numerous tag team championships in WWE together and both went on to have singles success. Edge became an 11 time World Champion and ended up winning the most total wrestling titles in WWE history. So while Edge went on to success, Christian was left behind in a sense.

This led Christian to jump to TNA for a number of years where he was THE top name in the company. After Kurt Angle ended up in TNA, it became apparent more WWE names would follow. Christian decided it would be best to leave while he could and go back to WWE, He did so and has won several titles upon his return, including 2 ECW Titles as well as 2 World Heavyweight Titles.

The World Title wins were huge for Christian fans as many felt he deserved a chance to be a World Champion at least once in his career. While the two times he held the World Heavyweight Title were not fantastic, he at least held them.

While Christian is a fantastic performer, one cannot escape their injuries after a while. After his second and most recent concussion days ago, it seemed that Christian was almost done as a talent with WWE. There has been talk of him retiring for over a year now, and at 40 it would make sense for Captain Charisma to hang up his boots as a full time talent.

Many think he would be a wonderful trainer in NXT for developmental talent. He could run the operation according to many as he is great at everything and knows several styles of wrestling. On top of this, he knows what it’s like to fail and succeed. He is an easy Hall of Fame talent. Unlike his friend Edge, he would not have to retire and never return to the ring due to a freak injury that put him out of action forever.

Christian could still get in the ring.

Many think it would be best for him to call it quits now and save his body then become an NXT trainer, rather than wrestle full time only to get further injured.

Christian is seemingly listening to this as there is word that he contemplated the idea of retirement. WWE rarely has anything for him and cannot trust his health, so it might be time. It is sad news, as Christian is easily one of the best of all time in all facets of wrestling. However, the clock strikes twelve on everyone eventually. His contract is set to end sooner than many think and he could be gone as an active performer then.