Zac Efron Beaten During Fight With Homeless Men In Skid Row Area Of Los Angeles

Zac Efron reportedly got in a fight and was beaten by a homeless man while in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles on Sunday, according to TMZ.

It is unclear what the former Disney star was doing in that area of the City of Angels, which is known as a very bad place in town and certainly not frequented by celebrities of the Efron’s caliber.

According to what is being reported on the website, cops happened upon Zac and his body guard in what is described as a “full-blown” fight with several men, while on patrol under the Harbor Freeway.

Zac Efron told police the car ran out of gas and he and his bodyguard were sitting inside waiting for a tow truck to come and get them. They threw a bottle with an unknown substance on the street and it shattered by a group of transients.

The 26-year-old actor, who stands at five-feet, eight-inches tall went on to say they were confronted by the group, who thought the bottle in question had been thrown in their direction on purpose.

At this point the bodyguard got out of the car and was attacked by two of the men and when Zac Efron came to his rescue he was punched in the mouth:

“It was the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life.”

There is no official word from the Los Angeles Police Department, but this is a very tough area of the city and cops are on constant patrol to spot drug dealers and gangs.

A source told TMZ that Zac Efron “was obviously intoxicated,” however this is just a rumor which has not been confirmed by police or the actor’s reps, who have not commented on the incident thus far.

Police say there were no arrests as it was a “mutual combat” incident.

What we do know is that the Efron was admitted to rehab for cocaine abuse twice last year and in November he suspiciously broke his jaw in what he said was a slip on a puddle of water at his home.

A piece published as recently as March 13 on People Magazine, claims Zac Efron has changed his life after leaving rehab.

Instead of the constant partying he is now focused on his work — reading movie scripts –, working out to stay in shape, and attending meetings to keep his focus on his health.

A source told the publication that Zac Efron is “totally committed to being sober,” even though he has many challenges to overcome.

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