Lily Aldridge Keeps Her Biggest Fashion Vice Hidden In A Closet

Lily Aldridge is keeping a fashion secret squirreled away inside her closet.

Before your mind begins putting together all sorts of sordid details, it’s worth noting that her one true fashion vice isn’t anything deviant or disturbing. In fact, it’s something a lot of women — and some men — are probably guilty of themselves.

Since Lily Aldridge spends a fair amount of time modeling outfits for the folks at Victoria’s Secret, it’s not altogether surprising that her recent conversation with People leaned towards fashion. In addition to discussing the racy stuff hanging around inside her own lingerie drawer, Aldridge dished about the things tucked inside her bedroom closet.

“If you were going to come into my home and look into my closet you would be amazed at how many shoes a girl could have in one closet. It’s crazy,” Lily told the publication. Just because her secret is out doesn’t mean she’s going to quit adding to that collection anytime soon.

Although Lily Aldridge is known for the clothes she wears, the model is also working behind-the-scenes with the folks at Velvet. Aldridge and the Los Angeles-based company recentlyjoined forces for the SS14 collection. The pieces that arrived in stores across the country earlier this month.

Lily told Metro that she often gets inspiration for her designs from the streets. The model explained that splitting her time between big cities such as London, Los Angeles, and New York definitely came in handy when putting her collection together. She was also extremely excited to work with the boys and girls at Velvet.

“When I was pregnant they asked if I wanted to work on a partnership. Because I was pregnant, I couldn’t model so I was excited to be able to do something,” Aldridge explained.

Lily added, “I love and trust them. They’re like family now so it was a no-brainer to work with them. I’ve loved the whole process. It’s every girl’s dream to design the perfect wardrobe.”

Instead of designing high-end fashion, the Victoria’s Secret model wanted to put together a collection that people could keep in their clothes forever. Aldridge described the pieces as casual and cool.

“We wanted to keep it very Velvet and that feeling of easy, effortlessly cool pieces. The neon Becky dress is in this beautiful bright yellow color I’ve been wanting to wear. I think it’s so beautiful and perfect for spring but I couldn’t find it anywhere,” she said.

Fans of Lily Aldridge can pick up pieces from her clothing line right now. And if you grab a few shoes while you’re shopping, the model would probably approve.