Color for the hair ‘down there’

Thought the whole world had gone and gotten a brazillian wax overnight. Are you the only one amongst your bffs that still has pubic hair? Finding it hard to be fashionable if you don’t want to go the hairless? Have I found a product for you.

Betty’s Color for the hair down there. You know its got to be good if its called Bettys.

For $12.99 you can get two colours, one for you and one for your friend. It comes in five colors–blonde, brown, black, auburn, and a pink called Fun Betty, but for the holidays they have introduced red and green.

So all you fake red heads, you can finally get a product that means your carpet can match the drapes.

Apparently a mens line is in the works, but men can use Betty too, check out the FAQs

Will the color rub off? (translation: If I have sex with someone will they come out with pink pubes as well, cause that would be embarrassing).

No. Even perspiration and physical activity will not affect betty colors.

Can men use it too? (translation: my pubes have gone grey limiting my chances of sealng the deal with that 21 year old, will Betty help me?)

Yes. Many men want to cover grays down there too. Men love betty and how safe it is! They also like to use betty on their beard and chest hair.

So go on, let your pubic hair down, and give it a bit of color down there.