Demi Lovato Apologizes To Kathy Griffin, Comedian Stands By Her Joke

Demi Lovato shouldn’t expect an apology from Kathy Griffin anytime soon.

The stand-up comedian faced the relentless wrath of the “Neon Lights” singer’s fanbase after declaring that Lovato was the “biggest douche celebrity” in the world. Once the remark made the rounds, Griffin received all sorts of nasty comments on Twitter.

Instead of letting her fans run wild, Demi Lovato asked everybody to “chill” with the violent and downright disturbing tweets. She also issued an official apology to the D-lister once things spiraled completely out of control.

Despite posting — and promptly deleting — a photo that showed her making fun of the comedian at an unknown event, Demi Lovato apparently wants to make peace her online adversary. However, her opponent isn’t quite ready to play nice.

During a telephone interview with the folks at USA Today, the comedian explained that she wasn’t exactly happy about Demi Lovato’s decision to share the aforementioned selfie on Twitter. Although Kathy essentially started the feud, this doesn’t seem to matter much to her.

“Look, I think that this is a 21-year-old woman, this isn’t a kid, and she’s got her followers coming at me and then tweets a photo that she had taken where I’m in the background and this is a photo I never knew she took,” she said.

Griffin explained, “She keeps it on her phone for like two years and then tweets it in the middle of all of her fans telling me to get cancer? I would classify that as a douchy thing to do.”

Although the tweet that irritated dozens of Demi Lovato fans vanished, Kathy said she didn’t purposely remove the offending post. Instead, she believes some sort of glitch resulted in its mysterious disappearance. However, she hasn’t reposted the “biggest douche celebrity” comment as of this writing. However, Kathy said she stands by her joke.

Curious to know what Demi Lovato fans are saying these days? Check out some of their incredibly mean-spirited tweets below.

Are you surprised that Demi Lovato fans have reacted so harshly towards the comedian?

[Top Image via The Los Angeles Times]