Conscious Uncoupling Really Means . . .

When Gwyneth Paltrow announced the news that she was separating from her husband Chris Martin, using the title “Conscious Uncoupling” it raised a number of questions as to what precisely “Conscious Uncoupling” means.

Firstly, it has been around for many years. but kind of underground, till now. Along with her announcement of the split, Paltrow explained the concept of “Conscious Uncoupling” with a little help from Dr. Habib Sadeghi and his wife Dr. Sherry Sami.

So let’s start with the intro, and you will begin to piece together what it all means. The doctors revealed that:

Conscious uncoupling is the ability to understand that every irritation and argument [within a marriage] was a signal to look inside ourselves and identify a negative internal object that needed healing. From this perspective, there are no bad guys, just two people. it’s about people as individuals, not just the relationship.

So you get it right? Make a little more sense now? Well, we hope so as the next quote might baffle you a bit, as it did us, apparently:

Conscious uncoupling brings wholeness to the spirits of both people who choose to recognize each other as their teacher…If we can allow ourselves this gift, our exoskeleton of protection and imprisonment will fall away and offer us the opportunity to begin constructing an endoskeleton, an internal cathedral, with spiritual trace minerals like self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Exoskeleton what? endoskeleton who? Okay, so they lost us a bit in this part, but you get the general drift. Allegedly, the concept was traced back to Katherine Woodward Thomas, who developed it in 2010 and is now writing a book about it.

A coach on the concept of “Conscious Uncoupling”, Jeanne Byrd, spoke about how beneficial it can be, especially for children: “Children really get the benefit from a Conscious Uncoupling,” adding that “Conscious Uncoupling is really growing amongst parents. Oh my God, it’s so exciting how quickly it’s growing everywhere.”

So now you now know what “Conscious Uncoupling” is (hopefully), what are your thoughts on it? You can share them in the comments feed provided below.