Paul McCartney: Elephant He Rescued Found Being Beaten In Chicken Shack [Watch]

When Paul McCartney met poor Sunder, the elephant had an injury to its eye, a hole in its ear and numerous scars all over its body, which it had sustained over a period of six years since it had been donated to the Temple.

McCartney approached the Maharashtra State’s forest department, as well as an Indian government organization called Project Elephant, and gave money to them in the hope that they would see to it that Sunder be moved to a sanctuary where he would not be abused.

Unfortunately Sir McCartney’s plan to give Sunder a better life didn’t quite come together, as evidenced by a video captured recently by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). In the disturbing clip, the elephant can be seen living in a chicken shack, shackled in heavy chains and is obviously malnourished.

Dr. Manilal Valliyate, PETA director of veterinary affairs, said that Sunder had been seen: “writhing in pain and struggling to stand as the mahout (handler) strikes him repeatedly. Sunder visibly recoils in fear from the weapon-wielding mahout, who continues to threaten him with violence after he has stood.”

As if the unnecessary beatings on Sunder weren’t bad enough, the PETA investigators found that the shack in which Sunder was living is open to three sides, which allows in the harsh sun during the day, and the cold wind at night. The fact there is no bedding at all for Sunder just tops off a pretty dismal display of human abuse of an innocent animal.

Hopefully, Sir Paul McCartney will intervene once again on Sunders behalf, and arrange for a permanent solution. The kind of abuse that PETA uncovered is sadly commonplace in India, and needs to be stopped.