Taylor Swift Granted Restraining Order Against Fan

Taylor Swift was granted a three-year restraining order by a judge on Tuesday, according to LA Times. Swift had the order taken out against Timothy Sweet, 33, a man who has allegedly been threatening not only the star, but her family as well.

Swift originally received a temporary restraining order against Sweet early on in the month. That restraining order has now been extended to three years. Now, for the next few years, Sweet will have to stay 100 yards away from Swift, her parents and their home, and her homes and places where she works in both the Los Angeles and Nashville areas. Either that, or risk violating the restraining order.

Sweet is convinced that he is married to Grammy-winning singer Swift and has allegedly sent her threatening messages. In these messages Sweet would threaten to “kill any man who gets in the way” of his supposed relationship with Swift, according to court documents that were obtained by the Associated Press.

Swift, 24, has said in a sworn written declaration which was filed on March 3 that she was concerned for her own safety in public and at home. Considering court documents also said that Sweets had visited not only Swift’s home in Beverly Hills, but also in Nashville, her concern is understandable.

In her declaration, Swift wrote, “Mr. Sweet’s course of conduct, including threats to harm my family, are seriously alarming and harassing and are extremely distressing to me and my family.”

When Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson granted the restraining order on Tuesday (March 25th), neither Swift nor Sweet were present.

Sweet’s harassment of Swift is not a new occurrence; it has been occurring since January 2011. Over the last three years, he has sent Swift emails, letters, and messages on social media declaring his love for her.

Unfortunately for Swift, this is not the first time she has had to turn to the courts for a restraining order. Also ordered to stay away from Swift is Daniel Cole, 38, of Brewster, Massachusetts. Taylor Swift’s restraining order against Cole says that the man has to stay away from her Rhode Island vacation home.