March 28, 2014
Cat Soup: Chinese Woman Cooks a Cat and Posts Pictures of it: Pictures Go Viral, She Becomes a Target For Hate Mail

Ever craved a cute and cuddly cat for dinner? While most people would probably lose their appetite just thinking about having a cat for an entrée, one Chinese woman felt otherwise. She decided to make cat soup. Sound disgusting? Well, it actually gets a lot worse.

Li Jinbang, 21, even opted to create a cat soup recipe. However, this particular recipe wasn't like a typical cake-baking tutorial with Paula Deen. Jinbang actually offered up a pictorial guide that consisted of her killing a live cat, boiling it and prepping the remains for dinner. The gruesome pictures captured the cat being bludgeoned, boiled, and dismembered.

The publication reported that the first picture she posted showed the caged, defenseless cat to be killed. Then, she went on to detail how she'd boiled the cat and skinned it before dismembering it.

According to Express Mail, Jinbang uploaded the disturbing images to the social media platform, Weibo. For those who aren't familiar with Weibo, its a micro-blogging social media website similar to Facebook and Twitter.

The pictures being uploaded to a social media platform would explain how news of Jinbang's actions began circulating so quickly. Due to the deft circulation of the pictures, Jinbang quickly became bombarded with hundreds of emails and messages from hundreds of people utterly repulsed by the heinous act. She even received hate mail for her actions. But, before she could delete the graphic, stomach-churning images, they'd already gone viral.

The publication reports that after being shaken by the flood of hate mail, Jinbang also tried to offer an explanation, claiming the cat - which appeared to be perfectly fine in the picture - had been hit by a car. Basically, she purported that she was "helping the injured cat" by putting it out of its misery - Right. However, she contradicted herself when she defended the inhumane act of killing the helpless cat.

"It was a perfectly lawful killing and I killed the cat and ate it without doing anything illegal," she explained.
Jinbang's viral images have become a topic of discussion on several news sites. The news has even been a debatable topic via Twitter. Believe it or not, people actually shared opposing views, as some actually defended Jinbang's actions. Some users even compared Jinbang's acts to eating chicken, deer meat, and pork, which comes from pigs, posing the question of how are cats any difference since they're classified as animals, as well. While some would feel the topic is black and white, with no grey areas in between, some people, namely Americans, actually feel otherwise.Now that Jinbang's actually a trending topic, some other details have also been revealed about her. It has been stated that Jinbang resides in Guangdong. Unfortunately, its quite common to skin cats for dinner in the Chinese province where she resides. As a matter of fact, more than four million cats are devoured by humans in that region on a yearly basis, according to Chinese officials. However, most people have absolutely no desire to be left with the visualization of someone having a dead cat for dinner. In my opinion, no matter how you marinate and dress it up - its a cat!

But, to each his own. Would you eat a cat for dinner?

Image via Bing