New Star Wars 7 Plot Details: Are These The Spoilers You’ve Been Waiting For?

Star Wars 7 plot details have been circulating on line for the past several days, offering Star Wars-starved fans their fix of the next official installment in the space opera that began “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away,” otherwise known as 1977. Yep, unbelievable as it may seem, the first film in what next year will became a seven-movie saga — and counting — was released just a year after America celebrated its bicentennial, 10 months and three weeks after, to be exact.

When Star Wars first hit screens, Jimmy Carter was the nation’s new president. In 1977, the Apple II computer made its debut. Elvis Presley performed his last live concert, then died several weeks later. The “Son of Sam” killer terrorized New York City. The Portland Trail Blazers led by Bill Walton won the NBA championship. Roots became the most-watched TV show ever and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours was the biggest-selling album of the year.

That was America when Star Wars first exploded into the public consciousness.

Now, 37 years later, thanks to Disney’s 2012 corporate buyout of Lucasfilm, which owns the Star Wars franchise, a new Star Wars feature film is about to go into production, and interest and curiosity about what the latest chapter of the story holds is, if anything, more intense than it was almost four decades ago.

Now, bear in mind that a recent scientific study showed that people actually like spoilers. In fact, most often, we enjoy a story more when we know its ending. But in case you’re still in a state of denial and believe that spoilers will actually spoil a story for you, stop reading right now. Because what follows are the highlights of Star Wars 7 spoilers currently floating around on the internet.

Of course, we don’t know how true or false these “spoilers” are any more than you do. This could all be a clever campaign of misdirection by Disney. So with that in mind…

• Disney boss Robert Iger already revealed that Star Wars 7 will feature a new trio of young lead characters. According to the spoilers, two of those three new Star Wars characters will be the twin children of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

• One of the Solo kids, Jacen Solo, gets sucked in by the Dark Side of The Force and becomes the unspeakably evil Darth Caedus.

• The story of Star Wars 7 takes place, at least in part, on the ice planet Hoth, last seen in the 1980 entry The Empire Strikes Back, which many Star Wars connoisseurs consider the finest film in the series.

• Luke Skywalker reappears, still played by the now 62-year-old Mark Hamill, and he’s now the headmaster of a school for Jedi.

Okay, there’s just a small sample of some Star Wars 7 spoilers. Now that you’ve heard them, are looking forward to the movie’s December 18, 2015 release date even more? Or is it spoiled for you?