Britney Spears Rocks Bikini and Her Lawyers Get $6 Million Loan

Britney Spears has done it again. On Tuesday, Britney looked toned and tan in a tiny ruffled pink bikini with her two sons, Sean and Jayden and boyfriend David Lucado.

Britney is using her short vacation from her Vegas performances for Planet Hollywood soaking up the sun and getting in some much needed family time in Hawaii at a lush resort.

A little less than a week ago I posted an article about her fashion woes (short shorts, striped socks with platform sneakers), but this week Britney is strutting her stuff.

britney bikini

Sean and Jayden played in the pool and made a big splash while Pop Princess Britney sat looking on, working on her tan.

Before their arrival at Hawaii, Spears and family were spotted at LAX getting on the plane for the mini-vacay.

Also, RadarOnline reported in early March that Britney’s lawyers have petitioned for an “urgent” loan for $6 million. According to the documents obtained by Radar, the loan was approved. A family source has hinted that it may be for Britney’s long-awaited wedding. The family source told Radar:

“He is extremely serious about Britney and this is the happiest she has been in a very long time.”

It’s also rumored that Britney wants to say ‘I Do’ at the king of rock and roll’s homestead, Elvis’ Graceland, as Inquisitr previously reported. This would give her a lot of publicity, perhaps as much as her second wedding to Kevin Federline. They made it top secret, only sent out 100 invitations, and only gave notice minutes before the ceremony. They wanted it top secret, and it gained media attention. Maybe this marriage to Lucado will stick.

While we can hope for the best, Britney’s marriage track record isn’t the greatest.

Her first marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander, was annulled a whopping 55 hours later. It was stated that Britney “lacked understanding of her actions.”

Six months later, she became engaged with Kevin Federline, one of her back-up dancers. Britney had two children with him, and filed for divorce in November 2006, a month after she had given birth to their second child, Jayden James Federline.

Britney dated her former agent, Jason Trawick, for a time and they were engaged briefly. Although they never tied the knot, it took an emotional toll on her. She talks of her Britney Jean album as therapy for that breakup:

I would say the album was kind of like therapy for me. It just kind of transformed me. As you write something your perspective changes. So, it was like my ‘good therapy record.'”

Britney Jean is Britney’s eighth album. “Work Bitch,” the catchy first single off the record, debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Lyrics of the song play out in Britney’s life, especially pertaining to the bikini:

You want a Lamborghini/ Sip Martinis/ Look hot in a bikini/You better work, bitch.”

It looks like Britney’s definitely taken that to heart, because she’s definitely looking good in that ruffled bikini, and everyone took notice.

Wondering about the video? Check out below, Britney performs it in Vegas at her Planet Hollywood show.

Try not to let anyone see you dancing in your computer chair.