March 27, 2014
Pit Bull Mauls, Kills Four-Year-Old Girl Days Before Her Birthday

A pit bull was shot dead after it mauled and killed a four-year-old girl inside their house in Houma, Louisiana, WAFB reports.

According to official statements, four-year-old Mia DeRouen was sitting inside their living room with her mother, 27-year-old Megan Touchet, when their 130-pound pet pit bull suddenly pounced on little Mia, severely injuring her face and neck. Touchet was also seriously injured after she wrestled with the pit bull to save her child. She told officials that she was able to barricade herself and her daughter inside their bedroom, evading further attacks. Touchet then handed her bleeding child to medical officers through the bedroom window.

Mia, who would have turned five next week, was brought to Terrebonne General Medical Hospital where she died from her injuries.

Her mother is currently recovering from the injuries she received from the attack.

The police, who arrived at the Touchet residence 7 pm, told the press that the pit bull, 2-year-old Niko, was "acting in a very vicious manner". The dog's behavior caused the police to shoot him 12 times, twice inside the apartment and ten times outside. According to reports, the pit bull "would just not give up."

Niko is one of the two pit bulls the family owns. The other one, Khloe, was taken by animal control.

His father, Chris DeRouen, asked his Facebook friends to pray for his daughter:

"Please I need prayers. My daughter was attacked by a pit bull and they don't know if she will make it....please God...I need this miracle."
After it was confirmed that her daughter died from the attack, DeRouen filled his page with pictures dedicated to four-year-old Mia. He thanked those who comforted him:
"Thank you all for your kind words and the's so uplifting. Words cannot express my gratitude. From all of us, thank you. In this tough time, it's very helpful to receive all of this support from so many...many that I don't even know."
Mia with her father Charles

He posted that a service will be held for Mia on Saturday but added that only those close to the family can attend the service.

Pit bull attacks have been increasing in number this year. Just last month, Inquisitr reported about a pit bull who mauled a three-year-old girl in High Point, North Carolina. The dog was a family pet and was known to be aggressive.

These attacks have since sparked heated debates regarding pit bull safety and behavior.

[Images from WAFB and Facebook]