Michael Phelps Comeback Rumors: Are They True?

Michael Phelps, the world record holding Olympic swimmer with 18 gold medals, may be making a comeback. That’s if you believe the rumors which have surfaced recently from his coach, Bob Bowman, who has more than just suggested that Phelps will indeed make a dramatic return to swimming.

The rumors were sparked off following a report in the Chicago Tribune from Phillip Hirsch, which claimed that Michael Phelps could compete in a meet this summer, and may even join the U.S. team for the 2015 World Championships.

That same report also revealed that Phelps has already started an anti-doping program which is necessary in order to compete. Bowman himself has been pretty cryptic about the whole matter saying only:

“If he swims a meet in the next couple months and does well, he will probably give it a shot in Irvine. But he doesn’t have to do that to have a shot at the 2016 Olympics.”

Bowman went on to speak about how Phelps, who has been fondly nicknamed the “flying fish”, will probably compete in shorter swimming events, such as the 100 meter freestyle and 100 meter butterfly.

Michael Phelps is apparently in good shape, and is training currently four to five days per week. As coach Bowman said himself to the Tribune: “He looks like he is definitely in shape.”

Phelps retired from swimming after having won an astounding 22 Olympic medals, eight of which at the 2008 Beijing Games. Even though Phelps himself downplayed the rumors of his return to the water, it is a foregone conclusion – according to most – that he will make a comeback.

Will epic swimmer, Michael Phelps compete again this summer or perhaps even before? It would be a great treat to see him back on the U.S. swim team – and winning more medals.