ScHoolboy Q Ready For The Next Level, Wants To Blow Up Like A Pop Star

ScHoolboy Q is ready to take his career to a whole new level.

The rapper recently released his major label debut Oxymoron, a collection of songs that rocketed all the way to the top of the Billboard albums chart. Now that he has a hit record under his belt, Q is ready and willing to take his career to another spectrum.

ScHoolboy Q recently discussed his career during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. According to the rapper, he wants to follow in the footsteps of Kendrick Lamar. That apparently involves becoming extremely famous and instantly recognizable among mainstream music fans.

“Kendrick’s, like, a pop star. I want to blow up to that next, next level,” he explained to the publication.

Q added, “People look at me and keep walking — but you can tell they know who I am. I want them to bug me. It’s gonna be a sad day when they don’t.”

Oxymoron is the third ScHoolboy Q album and the first to see release from Interscope Records. Before venturing out in search of a solo career, Q was Lamar’s hype man. Once he inked a deal with the label, it was clear that the guy was eager to blaze his own trail through the industry.

However, just because the rapper jumped to a major label doesn’t mean he’s willing to play the corporate game. The Associated Press recently reported that ScHoolboy Q was less than impressed with this year’s SXSW music and film festival in Austin, Texas. In the rapper’s humble opinion, the whole event was pretty “stupid.”

Instead of focusing on the music, ScHoolboy Q believes SXSW organizers are completely controlled by the almighty dollar. This became painfully obvious to the rapper when he noticed that a lot of his fans weren’t able to catch his set at the festival. Chances are he won’t return to the stage next year.

“I don’t ever want to come back unless they change it to where the fans are in. I’m tired of performing and seeing my fans outside the gate. That’s not fair. It’s not about the fans no more, it’s all about money, who can give you the best look,” ScHoolboy Q explained.

According to Vibe, there was definitely one good thing that happened during SXSW. Q received plenty of kudos from fellow rapper Kanye West while attending the event. He may not have thoroughly enjoyed his stay in Austin, but at least the guy made a few connections.

“I was just chillin’ smokin’ weed, and he just comes out of the crowd and sees me and he walks over and was telling me that he had just bought my album and he was bumpin’ it all the way in Germany. Like all the way through. He said the s*** hard. He was f***ing with it. Then he invited me to his show,” he explained.

Are you a fan of ScHoolboy Q? Do you think the rapper will achieve the same level of success as Kendrick Lamar?

[Top Image via Hot New Hip Hop]