Mariah Carey Very Upset With Nick Cannon Over ‘Whiteface’ Fiasco [Rumor]

Mariah Carey was reportedly one of the many people who weren’t amused by Nick Cannon’s recent foray into the world of whiteface.

Carey previously admitted that she’s not always enthralled with her husband’s comedic stylings. According to reports, Mariah didn’t find Cannon’s decision to dress up like a white guy the least bit hilarious. Judging from the reactions on social media, she wasn’t the only one offended by the stunt.

According to, Mariah Carey’s hubby is busy promoting his upcoming album White People Party Music. To spread the good word about his endeavor, Nick decided to dress in whiteface and post some photos and videos on Instagram. Unfortunately for Cannon, he didn’t get the reaction he was hoping to receive.

Check out one of the controversial pics below.

If you need to see a video featuring the comedian’s white guy persona “Connor Smallnut,” then feast your eyes on the clip below.

So what does Mariah Carey think about her husband’s recent shenanigans? Is the singer down with what many believe is a racist and offensive caricature? Showbiz Spy claims that Mariah is none too pleased with Nick’s behavior. In fact, Carey is reportedly “furious” with how he’s behaving.

“Mariah is sick of Nick and his childish behavior. All hell broke loose between Mariah and Nick when he posted the picture — she told him to take it down, but he refused,” an anonymous source recently dished.

The insider continued, “Tensions are tough in the Carey-Cannon household, and Nick will not apologize.”

If the these reports are true, then this isn’t the first time Mariah Carey has taken issue with her husband’s sense of humor. The Inquisitr previously reported that the singer thinks Cannon spends too much time discussing their private lives during his stand-up routines. In short: Mariah wants him to shut up every once in a while.

“In his world, he feels, in the world of comedy, that he can have license to say things that he wants to say. But if it goes too far, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna say, ‘Check please,'” Mariah said during an interview last year.

She added, “I can’t tell him don’t talk about this or that. But for me, I look at certain relationships in the public eye, and I think, ‘See that’s class, when you don’t have to talk about that relationship that much.’ I’d much prefer that he silencio, just a little bit.”

Do you think Mariah Carey is really angry with her husband? Were you offended by the comedian’s descent into whiteface?

[Image via Nick Cannon Instagram]