North Korea: All Citizens Required To Have Same Hairdo As Kim Jong-Un [Video]

Hope you like the little dictator’s hair style North Korea, because now you are all going to be wearing it, said the leader to his people. You are reading that right. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is requiring all men in the country to have the same hair cut as their leader. Radio Free Asia reported that the law, which was originally made mandatory only in the capital of Pyongyang, is now going into effect for the rest of the country.

Kim Jong-Un‘s haircut is defined as shaved sides with the top long and slicked back. This look is dubbed the “Chinese Smuggler’s Cut” by dissidents living outside of the country. Men were originally allowed to select their hair style from a list of ten approved styles but those days when that level of freedom was available has been left in the dust. The good news is that women will still be permitted to select from the 18 styles they were previously allowed to wear.

One North Korean dissident, who chose to remain anonymous had this to say about the new law:

“Our leader’s haircut is very particular, if you will. It doesn’t always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes”.

The UN has recently released a report in which the regime in North Korea is compared to the Nazis. The head of the inquiry that wrote the report, Michael Kirby, states:

“The country is a dark abyss where the human rights, the dignity and the humanity of the people are controlled, denied and ultimately annihilated”.

While normal North Koreans starve under the oppression of the Stalinist dictatorship the ruling class continues to prosper. Kim Jong-Un remains a close friend of basketball player Dennis Rodman. It makes one wonder if Rodman will be wearing the “Chinese Smuggler’s Cut” the next time he pops into the dictatorship to play some hoops.