‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale Was A Hot Topic Of Conversation On Twitter

Pretty Little Liars was definitely a popular topic of conversation among fans on Twitter earlier this week.

Once the fourth season of the popular ABC Family series wrapped up, folks who follows the the show had an awful lot to say on the subject. In fact, Pretty Little Liars was the top television series on Twitter for the week ending March 23. In other words, people were tweeting under their fingers bled.

According to the folks at TV Media Insights, approximately 1.45 season finale-oriented tweets were reportedly issued on the evening of March 18. When you figure in the 6.29 million people who watched Pretty Little Liars that evening, this equals around 63.45 million impressions. You can thank Nielsen for all of those calculations.

How popular was ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars when compared other TV-related endeavors? Forbes reports that the Mercer vs. Duke NCAA Basketball Tournament resulted in 895,000 tweets. This figure definitely falls short when compared to posts issued by fans who are completely dedicated to the hit series.

There’s a very good reason why so many people were tweeting about the Pretty Little Liars season finale. Series producer Marlene King told The Hollywood Reporter that they essentially put fans through the proverbial wringer. If viewers weren’t seriously worked up about how the season finished up, then they might need to check themselves for a pulse.

“This is the first finale where it felt like people were universally satisfied and that is really just fantastic, which is what we set out to do,” King explained.

The Pretty Little Liars producers continued, “We pushed our fans to the breaking point and they really deserved these answers. It’s a great opportunity for us to spin the show in a new direction.”

King told THR that the writers started tackling darker storylines since the show’s fanbase is getting older. To keep them coming back for more, they decided to increase the amount of drama and suspense. I would seem their plan worked.

“The girls are growing up, our fans are growing, our stories are growing and it feels organically like it’s tonally shifting in the right way,” the series producer said.

She added, “It’s emotion and intrigue. For me, season four has been the best so far, and the goal for season five is to be even better than season four.”

Fortunately for Pretty Little Liars fans, they won’t have to wait very long for season five to roll around. ABC Family will air a brand new episode on June 10. Are you planning to watch?

[Image via ABC Family]