‘Prometheus 2’ Set For 2016: 5 Things We Want To See

Last week, 20th Century Fox announced that they had an unspecified Ridley Scott feature slated for March 2016 and fans immediately began speculating that this meant Prometheus 2. Yesterday, TheWrap confirmed with several sources the film in question is indeed Prometheus 2 and that writer Michael Green has been brought on board to re-write the script.

Filming for the Prometheus sequel is rumored to start as early as this fall, after Scott finishes up his Moses movie. Green is also working with Scott re-writing the Blade Runner sequel that’s currently in the works.

With a date set, here are five things we’re looking forward to seeing in Prometheus 2:

1. More David


Aliens fans in the 1980s had Lance Henrickson’s android Bishop, but Prometheus fans have Michael Fassbender’s David. The actor played a chilling, yet soothing character that made you both fear him and want to travel the universe with him. Prometheus 2 script rumors have multiple Davids on screen at the same time, meaning we’ll get a healthy dose of him.

2. Noomi Rapace being a badass as Elizabeth Shaw


Just like with Bishop, Aliens fans had Sigourney Weaver’s female badass Ripley, and Prometheus fans have Noomi Rapace’s quiet, yet still badass Elizabeth Shaw. Rapace repeatedly told press when promoting Prometheus that she first saw Alien when she was 13 and that Ripley became a role model for her, being one of the few strong women in film at the time.

3. More high tech whizzes and bangs

The trouble with doing Prometheus so many years after your sci-fi masterpiece is that you run the risk of showing off amazing technological advances that quite frankly weren’t around in your retro 1980s classic. In Prometheus, they were clearly trying to tone it down by creating matching sets, but it was hard to hide the digital wizardry at the disposal of David and his domineering old boss Weyland. Yet unlike with some other films (see: Star Wars prequels), it was a little easier to forgive with Prometheus simply because it looked so damn good.

So despite the obvious time difference, we’ll take the medipods and surround-sight 3d projections. Besides, you can always argue the Engineers are quite simply way more advanced. And since we know Shaw’s mission at the end of Prometheus is to seek them out, odds are we’ll get to see them.

4. Aliens, duh


If there was anything negative running through people’s heads when actually watching Prometheus, it was probably, “Where are the damn aliens?!” We finally got them in a dramatic and, ahem, rather tentacle porn-ish climax, but surely Ridley Scott understands that he’s got to deliver a higher alien-to-screentime ratio with Prometheus 2.

5. New Idris Elba meme: I’m sorry I’m not in Prometheus 2


Is there anything sadder than knowing that Idris Elba, being the captain of the Prometheus, decided to take his role dead serious and go down with his ship? If there was any possible way they could bring him back in Prometheus 2, that would be awesome, but the odds look grim if the movie wants to be taken seriously.

On the bright side, he did inadvertently squish Ms. Vickers.

How about you? What do you want to see in Prometheus 2?

[Images via Google, io9]