Jared Leto Ready To ‘Get Back To Work’ With 30 Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto isn’t letting his award-winning performance in the acclaimed drama Dallas Buyers Club get in the way of the music.

Folks living in Australia were recently treated to a performance from 30 Seconds to Mars, a band fronted by the renowned actor. Now that awards season is over and out, Leto seems more than happy to get back to work with the rest of the group.

Jared sat down for an informative chat with the folks at news.com.au. According to Leto, he’s more than a little ready to start touring and making sweet music with his band.

“It has been insane and amazing. We were actually on tour and we set aside the time to go back to LA and be a part of that. It was incredible. I am glad to be back on the road, to get back to work,” Jared Leto explained during the interview.

Just because Leto is ready to get back to work with 30 Seconds to Mars doesn’t necessarily mean he’s taking the Oscar win lightly. In fact, Jared seems to appreciate all the kudos he receives from fans and industry bigwigs alike.

“The recognition is an interesting thing, to have that respect. But I think the most powerful and impactful feeling that happens is you get the chance to put the flag in the ground and look around at all of the people who have helped you and believed in you and take the light and shine it on them, whether it’s your mother or your team or your fans around the world,” the actor explained.

While fans may have enjoyed his recent performance at Perth’s Challenge Stadium, some critics weren’t exactly smitten with the band’s endeavor. The Sydney Morning Herald writer Liam Ducey wasn’t overly impressed with what the group had to offer.

Ducey explained in his write-up of the show:

“…without Leto’s considerable charisma and pure star power, 30 Seconds to Mars just wouldn’t exist. There are three guys in 30STM, but watching from the sidelines you’d be hard pressed to notice the drummer — Jared’s brother, Shannon — or guitarist Tomo Milicevic even exist. For all intents and purposes they didn’t. This is clearly Jared Leto’s show and he had the Challenge Stadium crowd – not a sell-out by any stretch of the imagination – eating out of his hand.”

Naturally, there were thousands of Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars fans who completely disagreed with Ducey’s assessment of the gig. Are you a fan of the actor, singer, and songwriter?