Xbox One Reputation System Is Almost Here: Be Nice Or Be Punished

The Xbox One Reputation system is almost here, and the gamers who don’t play nice will have some privileges taken away. If you’re a good gamer, though, you might earn rewards like discounts even a Gold membership can’t give you. The rewards have yet to be revealed.

Nobody likes a sore loser or a blatant cheater, and Microsoft knows this. In an attempt to stop gamers from ruining everybody else’s online experience, they created a way for the community to offer feedback on their multiplayer experience. If other gamers don’t like playing with you, they can report you and cause you to be stuck playing only with others who aren’t so nice. Hopefully this also involves cheaters.

Microsoft’s algorithm will take the reputation of the one reporting you into consideration. That way Microsoft will avoid the “gang-up” problem with a large group of potential “red zoners” reporting you just because they don’t personally like you.

The main Xbox One Reputation groups and their privileges known thus far are as follows:

  • Good (Green): The majority of gamers will be in this group, meaning that they play well with others, and will enjoy the fullest range of Xbox Live functionality.
  • Needs Work (Yellow): You will retain your major privileges, but you will be given notifications that your behavior is slipping.
  • Needs Work (Orange): You’re getting close to losing access to rewards, and will be notified of your behavior problems. Play nice or you’ll be stuck playing only with others nobody else likes.
  • Avoid Me (Red): You’ll only be paired with fellow “red zoners” and lose your ability to broadcast gameplay over Twitch. Other disciplinary action may be revealed as the Xbox One Reputation system launches. This could also be a result of consistently reporting others for simply being better at the game.

Possible other consequences to not playing nice could include getting Gold privileges revoked for a period of time, or having a penalty charge on any games you buy online. Game discounts and penalty charges are only rumors, and Microsoft hasn’t confirmed them.

Xbox 360 Reputation will not carry over to the Xbox One, sharing a fate similar to the games. This means that if you were a mean gamer on the previous generation console, you will have a “clean slate” to try to play nice on the Xbox One. It won’t fix your Xbox 360 score, though.

Play nice and your Xbox One Reputation will earn you rewards. Be disruptive and mean, and you’ll lose privileges.