Alyson Hannigan Reveals ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale Spoiler

Alyson Hannigan is offering fans a big spoiler for the How I Met Your Mother finale, which airs next week.

For nine seasons the show has meandered toward the conclusion, when Ted Mosby finally meets the titular “mother.” Fans have already gotten to meet the mother (Cristin Milioti), but to this point Ted has yet to cross her path.

With rumors flying around the internet about the true fate of the mother, Alyson Hannigan may have offered a hint to fans. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the actress revealed that the How I Met Your Mother finale is going to be a tearjerker.

“I killed a lot of trees with my crying,” Hannigan said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, saying that at the final table read: “99 percent of the room was crying. That’s executives and everything.”

While this may mean the How I Met Your Mother finale has a poignant conclusion, others believe her statement supports the theory that the mother is either dead or dying when Ted is telling the kids his story, close to 20 years in the future.

Fans have compiled plenty of evidence to support the theory, including some references to the mother in the past tense and a scene in which Ted breaks down when he asks the question, “What mother is going to miss her daughter’s wedding?”

Milioti has denied this theory, but many fans still believe the How I Met Your Mother finale spoiler is true. The show has been known to drop in some heavy moments, including the unexpected death of Marshall Eriksen’s father.

The show’s director Pan Fryman also seemed to back up Alyson Hannigan, saying that “the last minute or so will really sit with you.””You’ll see what happens to everyone,” Fryman said. “We really tried to tie up every loose ending we could think of, answer every question we’ve asked and haven’t answered. It’s just very satisfying.”But with execs offering no other spoliers, fans who want to find out what exactly made Alyson Hannigan cry will have to tune in to the How I Met Your Mother finale on Monday.