October 19, 2016
Zayn Malik Sends One Direction Fan Something Special For Her Birthday

Zayn Malik fans are probably a little green with envy right about now.

One Direction fan Talisa Banjo received a personal video from Malik on her 20th birthday, something that is sure to drive some folks through the proverbial roof with jealousy. However, the birthday girl reportedly has a few behind-the-scenes connections that helped put this special surprise together.

According to Entertainmentwise, Zayn Malik was recently contacted by Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson about recording a personal video for the 20-year-old. The website explains that Nelson is dating dancer Jordan Banjo, who is also the girl's older brother. Sometimes it's all about who you know.

Check out Talisa's reaction to the video below.

As stated, it always helps to have connections when you're a fan of someone as famous as Zayn Malik. After all, the guy doesn't have tons of free time to send everyone a birthday video. Banjo should consider herself extremely lucky right now.

If for some extremely bizarre reason fans worried that this 20-year-old fan will come between Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, then they shouldn't waste any energy worrying about such issues. According to Mstars, the couple's relationship is still going strong. In fact, the wedding is still moving forward as planned.

Edwards recently explained the most important aspect of her upcoming nuptials the singer. She explained, "[The best thing is] just knowing that I am going to be with somebody that I love forever."

She also dished on how the other Little Mix members are preparing for the wedding. Perrie added, "I can just imagine these three going 'we should get this and that!' They'll get carried away."

Of course, Zayn Malik needs to do a few things to stay on his fiance's good side. The Inquisitr previously reported that the heartthrob wasn't exactly thrilled about helping with the wedding plans. Of course, Edwards didn't have a problem setting him straight.

"Well, he tried to get out of it. He said, 'You know what? The wedding, it's all about the lady.' He went, 'Honestly, it's your day. You're the princess. You go all out and then just let me know what you want,'" she explained.

The singer added, "I went 'You're not getting out of it that easy, love.' I went, 'You're planning it with us, thank you very much.' He thought he was clever, but no, I'm one step ahead."

What do you think about Zayn Malik sending a special video message to one of his fans? Are you overcome with jealousy about the birthday gift?