April 16, 2014
Curt Schilling Slashes $500K From Mansion Asking Price

Curt Schilling, the well-known Red Sox star best remembered for his "bloody sock" back in the 2004 World Series winner, just slashed a massive $500k from the asking price of his Boston mansion.

It has come to light that the baseball star is having some serious financial issues; even his family pitched in recently and held an estate sale in an effort to raise money for him by selling off their personal belongings.

Curt Schilling's home, located in Medford, Massachusetts, was bought from New England Patriot's QB Drew Bledsoe for a whopping $4.5 million - and that was ten years ago.

Sadly for Schilling, his home is now worth around the $2.5 million mark and is on the market for that price. The luxury mansion has a staggering 20 rooms, including 7 bedrooms, an 8-car garage, a movie theater, a pool and a putting green.

Schilling's financial woes started when he made a bad investment. The $50 million he put forward for his 38 Studios project was ultimately lost when things went belly up with that company.

On top of the serious financial issues, Curt Schilling is also suffering from an undisclosed form of cancer. Soon after word got out about the new diagnosis, he sent the following Tweet to fans offering them an update to his condition:

"Week 2 begins with radiation and unfortunately more surgery. Not gonna break me, though, way too much faith in Him and love from friends and family."

As you can probably surmise from that Tweet, Curt Schilling is believer in God, and a devout Christian who is known for giving God the credit for his numerous successes.

Dealing with the massive loss on his investment, as well as the loss on the sale of his mansion and his health issues, Schilling seems to be doing remarkably well and his deep faith doesn't seem to have faltered.