Krysta Rodriguez Is Leaving ‘How I Met Your Dad’

Krysta Rodriguez just announced that she is departing the spin-off pilot of How I Met Your Mother, aptly named How I Met Your Dad. The actress, who took the lead role in Broadway’s First Date the Musical was all set to play the lead character’s best friend Juliet, in the show.

According to reports, Rodriguez is leaving the show due to character changes. Her character had originally been described as: “a sexy, flamboyant force of nature who runs the most successful fashion blog in the country.” It is not clear at this time what the producers have in mind by way of a character change.

The creators of the two shows, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, said they made the decision to create How I Met Your Dad as they had more stories to tell, and while the new show is similar in plot to the original, it does have its own unique feeling and direction.

Basically, as the title openly suggests, instead of a father telling his children how he met their mother, it’s the mother telling the story in reverse. The mother, Sally, (played by Greta Gerwig), is a married woman in the pilot episode, but soon realizes that she has little in common with her husband.

The newly single Sally soon realizes that single life isn’t as easy as she’d remembered it to be, despite the best efforts of her closest friends to help her out.

There are shades of the first series in the new show, but the only real physical link is the MacLaren’s pub that featured so often in the original.

The pilot is due to be filmed in Los Angeles at first, and if it then if picked up by CBS, it will be moved to New York.