Eye Makeup: Do’s And Don’ts For A Beautiful Stare

Eye makeup is perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of a woman’s daily makeover. A little bit extra eyeliner here or a mismatch of colors there can drive any girl crazy (and make everyone late for the date).

And then you’ll wish you have that glamorous stare those celebrities have in the movies. You get jealous of Angelina Jolie’s sexy “Tomb Raider” eyes or Jennifer Aniston’s carefree stare. Or if K-pop eye makeup is your thing, Korean singers Kim Hyun-a and Yuri stare at you with such mesmerizing eyes that you wonder how they conjure their makeup magic.

Good thing is, this “magic” is no fashion secret. Eye makeup isn’t rocket science. Every girl in the world can do it. In this article, we will show you the do’s and don’ts for the best eye makeup application.

Don’t: start applying makeup with a dirty face. Make sure that your face is well-cleansed and ready for beauty. Not only is putting makeup on a dirty face gross, it also poses health risks that are just plain icky.

Do: apply moisturizer around your eyes, especially if the skin in that area is dry. Skin irritation would be the last thing you want on your beautiful face.

Don’t: mess up the colors. No gold eye shadows for brown eyes. No purple eye shadows for blue eyes. According to You Beauty, classy colors like gold and gray are best paired with blue eyes while hip and youthful colors like purple and laupe go together with brown eyes.

Do: play with silver colors if you’re aiming for the K-pop look. Watch the video below:

Don’t: over-accentuate the eyebrows, according to Cosmo. Too much makeup on the brows would make you look like a silent film star. Instead, use a tinted brow mascara, wipe off the excess from its bristles and use it to get natural, non-creepy looking eyebrows.

Do: curl your lashes. There’s nothing less attractive than eyelashes looking like a compass needle. Use an eyelash curler gently to raise them up towards the sky. Be careful not to break or damage your eyelashes.

Don’t: overdo the mascara. It looks like gunk from afar. Plus, it’s messy and some of it can go to your eyeballs. Do you really want mascara on your eyeballs? Of course not! You can get a couple of mascara tips here.

Do: experiment with eyeliner. Align it with your style and attitude. Whether you’re going after the Spartan princess look or the flirty kitten style, always be mindful of how your eyeliner will represent your whole persona.

Last and most important tip. Always be comfortable with whatever eye makeup you’d like to wear. Comfort should be number one priority, especially when it comes to eye makeup.

[Image from Kris Krug via Flickr]