March 6, 2018
Cop Breaks Student's Arm At A Texas High School: Graphic Video Captures Loud Snap Of His Arm, Footage Goes Viral

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature that might be disturbing to some viewers.**

Schoolyard fights – everyone's seem them. Some of us have even been involved in a school-related altercation at one time or another. However, most altercations don't end like this one did at a Texas high school.

On Friday, March 7, an unidentified, male student was involved in a physical altercation with another student. Just like any other fight, the two students had to be separated by authority figures put in place to diffuse the situation. In most cases, physical separation would have ended the altercation. Unfortunately, the fight that took place at West Brook High School in Beaumont, TX didn't end that way.

When one of the students deftly ran back toward the scene of the altercation, he was quickly taken down by a police officer. The officer, who appeared to be double the size of the teenage student, rendered the young male immobile from the time he hit the ground. However, he decided to take things a step further to insure the student could not make even the slightest of movements. He forcefully grabbed his arm and jerked it backwards. The action was so brutal, the student's arm could be heard popping. But, how? The entire altercation was actually caught on tape.

Another student apparently taped the incident with a smart-phone. The gruesome video captures the student being subdued by the officer. The loud snapping of his arm can also be heard on the video.

A little more than a week after the incident, the footage began circulating on the Web. The video, which was originally uploaded to Live Leak on Mar. 17, has been posted on several websites including YouTube and the urban media outlet World Star Hip Hop. The shocking footage has since gone viral since with more than one million views on World Star, alone.

The cop's actions have also sparked a controversy. The video has prompted debatable discussions on sites like Twitter, Redditt and YouTube. While some feel the officer was simply doing his job, others feel he went overboard to subdue the teenager. Some even feel that the cop's actions were racially motivated and that he simply assumed the student was a threat based on the color of his skin.

One Reddit user under the screen-name "justiroth" stated the consequences of resisting an officer. While it doesn't seem that the student resisted the officer, the user's perspective is considerable.

"It's hard to tell exactly what was going on here. But it looks like the kid was fighting with someone right before this. Then the police woman tried to get him and arrest him. She grabs him and he starts to flail around and VIOLENTLY resists arrest. The cop tries some variation of the straight arm bar because the kid is arresting, applies too much pressure and the kids arm breaks. It sucks, but you shouldn't resist arrest. Nothing good can come of it, right or wrong if you resist arrest a cop can hurt you."

Then, another Redditt user felt the officer intentionally continued to jerk the student's arm backwards even after noticing what he'd done.

"That really looked deliberate," the user "duckmuffins" said. "I watched it over and you can see how hard he is pulling it and in the wrong direction. If he was trying to get it behind the kids back, wouldn't he have pulled the other way? You can also see how he pauses for a second then continues to pull it in the wrong direction."

12 News in Beaumont, TX reports that one of the injured student's parents filed a complaint with the Beaumont Independent School District. The publication reports that Officer Steve Rivers has been placed on administrative leave without pay while the incident is being further investigated. No other details have been released in regards to Rivers' future in law enforcement.

Although the student was involved in a fight, and he attempted to return to the scene of the altercation, did the cop really have grounds to take things as far as he did? Do you feel the officer's actions were justified? Yes or No?

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