August 28, 2014
"Burger King Baby" Katheryn Deprill Gets Her Special Order, Meets Birth Mom

Katheryn Deprill has been dubbed "The Burger King Baby". Deprill, who is now 27, was abandoned in the bathroom of an Allentown, Pennsylvania Burger King restaurant. Deprill knew that she was adopted, but did not know she was abandoned until she was twelve, when a school assignment prompted her to question her adoptive parents. Those parents, Brenda and Carl Hollis, showed her the newspaper clippings that detailed Katheryn's abandonment in 1986. Katheryn read the clippings, and was astounded at the story.

"I comprehended it, but it still didn't sink in that it was me, that a mother could just lay her baby down and walk away. That is just mind-blowing to me."
Katheryn is now married and has three children of her own. Three weeks ago, on March 2, Katheryn Deprill posted a photo on Facebook, in hopes of finding the mother that had abandoned her. Deprill had hoped the photo would get shared, and maybe she would get a few leads on her birth mother. Deprill didn't just get a lead, she got a call from Allentown attorney John Waldron. Deprill's birth mother, who does not want to be identified publicly, had called Waldron on March 13, less than a full two weeks after Katheryn posted the picture on Facebook.

The mother and daughter met today for the first time in 27 years, and per Waldron, it was an emotional meeting. Katheryn had her questions answered, but would only comment that they exchanged a hug, spoke for about four hours, and that they will be developing a relationship. Deprill deferred questions on the circumstances of her abandonment to attorney Waldron. Waldron told The Morning Call that Deprill's birth mother was raped during a family vacation, but was too ashamed to tell her family. She hid the pregnancy, gave birth in her bedroom, and drove the newborn to the Burger King, where she knew her daughter would be found. He elaborated in his interview:

"She kissed the baby on the forehead and left.She was a kid in high school. Back then, you couldn't just go to a hospital and drop the baby off, no questions asked. It wasn't, 'I don't want the child.' It was because of what happened. … Sometime rape victims blame themselves even though they're not at fault."
Deprill did not dwell on her abandonment, and does not hold any ill will at all, towards her birth mother. She is just happy to have some answers, and is looking forward to getting to know her birth mother.
"I know I want to get to know her, share pictures, gain a new friend. We have 27 years of catching up to do."
Deprill is living proof that Facebook and fast food can occasionally result in a happy ending.

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