Lil Wayne On Plugging His ‘Young Boy’ Euro

Lil Wayne is used to running a label with top notch acts. Some of his clients include Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and multitalented Drake. That said, Lil Wayne is more enthused to talk about one particular artist that he sees as a huge asset to his label Young Money. The most exciting inclusion is Euro, according to Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne discussed his new “young boy” with MTV News, and he had a lot to say about the Dominican Republican born Euro. “We have my young boy Euro, and that’s my secret weapon right there,” said Lil Wayne. Fortunately Lil Wayne is not into hiding his little secret rapper. Instead he’s decided to give the Rhode Island native a taste of what it’s like to flow with strong musicians.

The artist dropped a mixtape of sorts called Rise of an Empire, which is an album compilation that features a who’s who of Young Money veterans, from Chanel West Coast, PJ Morton, Christina Milian, to Weezy himself. Specifically Euro was featured on the track “We Alright” by Birdman and Weezy, which was his very first track to put him in motion where exposure is concerned.

While on the set of his new music video for “Senile” Lil Wayne said of the new addition to Young Money. “Please, please, I tell the fans out there, don’t judge the Young Money album as his starting, as his platform to start, because he’s in the trigger. He’s in the barrel, loaded, and man, man, man, man, man.”

Euro is most known for his appearance on Wayne’s Dedication 5 mixtape last year. As previously stated, this year he’s on three huge tracks off of the mixtape album Rise of an Empire. For Lil Wayne, the rappers blunt lyrical style is what impressed the rapper the most.

Back in February Lil Wayne described the rapper as: “young and humble, just a kid with the world in front of him. He’s at the point in his career where he has no worries and he’s just spittin’ at your f—ing face and it’s just coming and his style is so raw, the way he flip words, the way his flow coming, he’s an essential rapper. He’s a Rapper.”

So far Lil Wayne has had excellent instincts when it comes to fostering talent on his own label. If early reception is evidence, then we see Euro going a long way, just like Nicki Minaj did.

[Image credit: NRK P3 via photopin cc]