David Archuleta Says ‘Hola … I’m Home’ On His Return From Chile

David Archeluta has just returned from a two-year Mormon mission in Chile.

Soon after he landed, he recorded a short video clip which he called “Words we have been waiting for…” The message to his fans was “Hola, everyone!” He added,”It’s Elder Archuleta here. And I’m home. I’m home.”

So, what exactly has this 23-year-old baby-faced singer been up to in Chile for the past two years?

What else, but spreading the word of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; You see, David is a Mormon, and he obviously takes his faith very seriously.

His missionary work was more important to him than his music, and the fame he enjoyed after almost winning on American Idol in 2008 garnering over 40 million votes to take the runner-up position.

Strangely, it was reported by E! Onlinethat in the two years he was seeking to try to convert the Chileans to regard God in a different way, he had almost no contact with his family back in Utah.

Before setting off in 2012 he explained his decision to his fans with a video. He told them (in part):

“It’s a decision everyone knows about, but it’s a very personal thing. I wanted to keep it that way, so I hope you guys respect that. “I’ve been able to bring you guys on this journey so far, but I hope that you guys will respect that this will be more of a personal thing; that I’m trying to focus on something else now, not my career, not trying to do music.”

A few months after his achievement on American Idol, David released a single called “Crush,” which was a track from his debut album released some three months later.

His album reached the number two position on the Billboard charts, and has sold over 900,000 copies worldwide.

David Archeluta’s family background is interesting, since it does not conform to the generally held image of a Mormon living in Utah.

David was actually born in Miami, Florida to a Honduran mother and a father claiming Spanish-Basque, Danish, Irish, German, and Iroquois descent!

Both of his parents have a musical background, so when David starting singing seriously at the age of six, they didn’t discourage him.

David has indicated that now he’s back, he wants to take up from where he left off.

Which means we’ll be hearing a lot more from David Archeluta in the future – but will he just be singing, or will he be ” spreading the word”?