Demi Lovato Hates Lady Gaga’s Display of Vomit

Demi Lovato has had her share of bad publicity in recent months. It is public knowledge of her struggles with an eating disorder, cutting herself, drugs and mental illness. But, as of late, Lovato seems to have faced her demons and come out on the other side. Her concerts now depict a more sincere Lovato than one of all the glitz and glimmer of the typical pop artist states At her March 23 concert, she seemed to focus on the heart and relationships with her performances. She revealed the hurtful side of love, and pulled it out in the end with more hopeful songs for her mostly young teenage girl audience.

Demi was sure to include her ballad Skyscraper, which boldly shares her personal story of struggles and how she faced them head on and is now standing strong. During the song, she incorporated a heart-felt rap in which she clearly encouraged young women to seek help when needed and not hurt themselves. “It’s important for me to use my voice for what I believe in,” Lavato told the adoring crowd, per She wants a fresh start and to be an example to those who look up to her.

That is why the recent incident, in lieu of calling it a performance, on SXSW, with Lady Gaga was so unnerving to Demi. If Lady Gaga can outdo herself, she will. This has to be the most outrageous act she has done on stage to date. While playing the drums during her song, Swine…yes, she has a song entitled Swine, Gaga had a girl come on stage, and according to, the girl guzzled some kind of green liquid, then proceeded to put her finger down her throat and made herself projectile vomit all over the willing Lady Gaga. Believe it or not, this was planned. This continued several times, and even involved the girl drinking black fluid and vomiting it on Gaga, as well.

Demi Lovato found this act to be horrifying, and accused Gaga of glorifying eating disorders, which of course, Gaga dismissed as false criticism according to Lovato told E! how she has struggled for over ten years with an eating disorder and that she takes that very seriously, as well as the struggle of others. Demi’s distaste of Gaga’s act was also vehemently expressed with her tweets in which she stated, “Sad… As if we didn’t have enough people glamorizing eating disorders. Bottom line…it’s not ‘cool’ or ‘artsy’ at all.” She went on to include tweets blatantly directed at Gaga asking her if she would have someone bring a needle up on stage and inject her because addiction is addiction. Demi held nothing back in revealing how she felt about it. reports that Gaga replied to Demi by saying, “But this performance had absolutely nothing to do with any eating disorder, and we never intended for it to be taken that way.” Sure, Gaga…maybe her name should be shortened to Lady Gag. Either way, Demi Lovato proudly spoke her mind, and her fans applaud her for it.