Toddler Hurt After Razor Blades Glued To Playground Equipment

A toddler in Iowa suffered a cut after someone glued razor blades all over playground equipment, leading police to ask the public for help looking for the perpetrators.

The incident happened at Millennium Park in East Moline on Monday afternoon. The toddler was climbing on some playground equipment when the two-year-old suffered a cut on the hand.

Police said they are investigating who would have attached the razor blades to the playground.

"Officers collected the razor blades and other evidence," East Moline Police Captain John Reynolds said in a statement.

Pictures taken from the playground show razor blades crudely attached to the top of monkey bars and on the side of a metal post using some kind of white adhesive. The person also took a picture of a toddler's bloodied hand, though the wound was not visible.

This is not the first high-profile instance of a toddler being endangered through the malicious or careless actions of adults. Earlier this month, a toddler showed up at daycare carrying a reported 48 packets of heroin. An employee at the center saw the drugs while helping the young child take off a jacket in the morning and immediately reported it to police.

The incident led to charges against the toddler's father for child endangerment and also caused outrage among parents of other children at the day care.

The razor blades found on the playground has led to anger as well, with many commenters calling for harsh punishment for those responsible.

"They should be tried for attempted murder as far as I'm concerned," wrote commenter Nate on a newspaper article about the razor blade incident. "Just makes my stomach turn looking at it."

Police in East Moline asked anyone with information about who put razor blades on the playground to contact them.