Walmart Toe-Sucker Turns Out To Be A Heel

A trip to Walmart should be basically benign without getting your toes sucked.

Yes, you read correctly.

On a bright Monday morning, March 17, Michael Anthony Brown, 31, decided he wanted something special for lunch. So, he marched himself down to the local Walmart in Lincolnton, NC, where he found a woman, Erika Porras, 37, that piqued his interest. In a report by NY Daily News, police said, “he confronted the victim and began having a conversation with her, convincing her he was studying to become a foot specialist.”

That should have been her first clue. If he didn’t even know enough to say he was studying to become a podiatrist, then her sole purpose should have been to walk away. However, Brown, somehow convinced Porras to visit Walmart’s shoe department telling her he would help her find a comfortable pair of shoes. Was she even shopping for shoes that day? Porras told police that Brown even took a picture of her feet. This must have been for his studies, certainly.

The police reported that in the midst of trying on shoes, Mr. Brown put the woman’s foot in his mouth and began sucking her toes.

“It upset her,” Lincolnton Det. Dennis Harris told the Daily News.

Really? You think so? NY Daily News said Porras shouted, “What’s happening? What’s wrong with you?” Harris said Brown told Porras he would pay for all her groceries if she wouldn’t report him for the toe-sucking incident. The victim put her foot down and refused his offer.

“Then he walks out of our Walmart, gets in his car and acts like nothing happened! That tells me this isn’t the first time he’s done this,” Harris said.

And it wasn’t. The toe-sucker attempted to do the same thing earlier that same day to another victim. Only, after she removed her shoes and socks, she had second thoughts and actually told him he was weird, and hoofed it away from him.

Brown may have thought he had gotten away with the alleged Walmart toe-sucking, but after the story broke on the news, he was recognized and reported just a few days after the incident. Brown was arrested in his home in Concord, NC, a city which is so certainly proud of this citizen, and according to Huffington Post, Brown was turned over to Lincolnton police. His bond was set at $50,000 and he was charged with a misdemeanor assault by a Lincoln County magistrate. It was later revealed that Brown is a registered sex offender, for nothing less than breaking into a woman’s home in 2001 to suck her toes. Shocker!

Brown, the toe-sucker, is due in court on April 4, in hopes of learning his lesson and putting his best foot forward in the future. In the meantime, the Lincolnton Walmart will never be the same.