Emily VanCamp Gets Own 'Captain America' Poster With New Agent 13 Image

Emily VanCamp, a 27-year-old Canadian, is on her way to major stardom as what appears to be the love interest of the most American superhero of all, Captain America. On Monday, Marvel Studios released its latest poster for the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and this one features no one but Emily VanCamp in her role as "Agent 13."

Poster of Emily VanCamp
New Marvel Films Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster featuring Emily VanCamp.

Emily VanCamp triumphed over a number of other bright young Hollywood actresses to land the role. Anna Kendrick and Felicity Jones were among VanCamp's competition. The character of Sarah Carter, a niece of Peggy Carter who was Steve "Captain America" Rogers' love interest from the 1940s, is a prize catch for VanCamp, who has already made a mark on the small screen.

VanCamp currently has the lead role in the ABC TV series Revenge, after carrying supporting roles on Brothers and Sisters on the same network and the WB drama Everwood earlier, among others.

Emily VanCamp
Emily VanCamp

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is setting up to score blockbuster numbers at the box office and a prominent role in such a success would likely send Emily VanCamp's career through the roof. Of course, whether the relation between Captain America and Agent 13 remains the same in the movie version of the Marvel Universe as in the comic books is something that can be known only by seeing the movie.

But it won't be long before everyone has that opportunity. Captain America: The Winter Soldier drops into U.S. multiplexes on April 4. But Marvel fans in Great Britain can find out what Emily VanCamp does in the film even sooner. The movie opens March 26 across the pond.

At the same time, Marvel commissioned award-winning comic book artist Paolo Rivera to draw a 1970s-style poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The retro poster features all of the major characters in the film, including Emily VanCamp as Agent 13 near the bottom, just over Robert Redford's right shoulder. Check it out.

Retro poster by comic book artist Paolo Rivera.
Retro poster by comic book artist Paolo Rivera.

Images: Marvel Films / Gage Skidmore