Malia Obama Visits Great Wall Of China With Mom And Sister

Malia Obama, along with her sister Sasha and mom Michelle, visited the Great Wall of China on the third day of their weeklong visit to China.

It is the first time the Obamas have visited the country independently, and Michelle Obama also met with Peng Liyuan, the wife of the president of China.

Michelle Obama took to the White House official blog to share the experience that she, Malia Obama and Sasha had, while at the Great Wall:

During our visit to the Wall, I couldn’t stop thinking about what a massive undertaking it must have been to build it. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and peasants were given the dangerous, painstaking – and often fatal – task of carrying ton after ton of granite, brick, dirt, and wood through the forests, up over the hills, and down through the valleys to create this incredible structure. They did this year after year, decade after decade – and it’s because of their hard work and sacrifice that the Great Wall remains standing today.

The three Obamas posed for pictures with the president of China, Xi Jinping, and his wife, on the first day of their trip at the Diaoyutai State guest house.

Malia Obama sported a high-waisted floral skirt and short-sleeve crop shirt and was, by all accounts, very appropriately dressed for the auspicious occasion.

Wu Qing, a professor from Beijing Foreign Studies University said, following a meeting with Michelle Obama on Sunday: “She is very warm and frank, and when she is talking to people she conscientiously listens to what they have to say.”

As part of the trip the president’s wife took the opportunity to promote education in China and said following a discussion about education on Sunday:

Education is an important focus for me. It’s personal, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without my parents investing and pushing me to get a good education.

It seems like Malia Obama, Sasha and Michelle had a great time during their visit to China; they are returning home on Wednesday.