‘X-Men: Days’ Second Trailer Shows Off More Of The ‘Future Past’

X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s second trailer is officially here, with a plethora of new scenes emphasizing what is at stake in the latest film from original director Bryan Singer. With the new cast and a scenario involving ending a war, this could be the movie that makes us forget The Last Stand.

At first it seemed the X-Men movies centered around Wolverine, and why not? Wolverine is one of the most widely recognized characters in the Marvel Comics universe. This latest entry might start out with Wolverine going back in time, but it appears the film will involve the entire cast more than we’d thought.

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is tasked by Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier with going back and convincing the younger Professor Xavier to keep fighting for their cause. Much like in X-Men 2, Ian McKellan’s Magneto will work alongside the regular heroes in an effort to end a war which could result in their own extinction. The villain this time appears to be Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), whose determination to stop the mutant war results in a full scale launch of the Sentinels, giant robots whose sole purpose is to either kill or capture mutants.

After First Class went back in time to show us the rise of Magneto as an enemy to the cause of peace, the X-Men: Days‘ second trailer shows us once again that a collection of mutants from First Class and The Last Stand will share the screen. With this gathering of old and new, the time-traveling Bishop (Omar Sy) and a small handful of new faces also joins the fight, including Magneto’s own son Quicksilver (Evan Peters).

Though some of the cast has been reduced (or cut out completely), it appears there is more than enough room for those who remain. Halle Berry’s Storm appears several times in X-Men: Days‘ second trailer, though the appearances could all be part of the same scene if you look at the lighting.

We could be in for an epic new film that as Hugh Jackman once said will be like “two movies in one.”

Are you excited to see X-Men: Days of Future Past when it hits theaters May 23?