Mila Kunis Pregnant With Ashton Kutcher’s Twins?

Mila Kunis is allegedly pregnant with Ashton Kutcher’s twins.

The pair were spotted at the LA Clippers basketball game on Saturday, where Kunis was seen sporting her flashy engagement ring and drinking water, while Kutcher drank beer.

Recent rumors have suggested that she avoided the alcoholic beverage because she is not only pregnant with one of her fiancee’s children, but she is actually expecting twins.

A source has reportedly informed the upcoming issue of OK magazine, “Ashton and Mila feel like they won the baby lottery. It was a total shock for both of them,but they feel up for the challenge. It didn’t seem like it was possible for them to fall any deeper in love, but the prospect of raising an insta-family together has solidified their commitment to each other.”

However, have also spoken to a source who insists that Kunis isn’t too happy that she has become pregnant at such a prominent time of her career.

“[Mila] is in the best part of her career and wants to work a little longer on those goals and dreams and then move onto family,” they explained, before adding, “[Mila] also has been named the new face of Jim Beam, so she will be meant to attend events and drink which is obviously a no no in the pregnancy department.”

A mutual friend of the couple has also been discussing how the pair, who originally worked together on That ’70s Show, couldn’t stand each other when they shot the television series.

“Ashton and Mila were absolutely not friends during much of the making of That 70s Show. In fact, they couldn’t stand working together,” an informer told RadarOnline, “The two were never close on the set.”

However, it was after Kutcher’s split from Demi Moore that saw Kunis reach out to her former colleague. “Mila was the one who came forward to bury the hatchet,” they noted. “She could see Ashton was going through a tough time and reached out to him. They built a solid friendship, which was a new thing for both of them.”

They then added, “Everyone’s amazed at how different Ashton and Mila are together [now] from when they were younger. It’s such a total change and now they’re a match made in heaven, something that no-one could have ever predicted in their wildest dreams back then!”

Kutcher became engaged to Kunis in late February and the pair started dating in April 2012.

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