Python Eats Drunk Man In India? Snake Photo Shows A Possible Threat

Did a python eat a drunk man in India? That was the buzz on Twitter at one time, but while the photo of a snake eating a passed out guy is a hoax there is the real possibility of that event actually happening.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you doubt the truth of a snake eating a drunk man then I suggest you check out the video of a python eating crocodile. And if you think the threat may only be real in India then you might want to consider the 150 pound burmese python snake that was captured in Florida.

It was not too long but this is the tweet that started all the ruckus in the first place:

The photo in the tweet has been used multiple times in the past, ranging from a snake eating a passed out guy in China in August of 2012 to another drunk-eating python in January of 2013. Hoaxes like this tend to be cyclical and get refreshed every so often. For example, Google searches for “white man stole my car” continues to be popular years after the Google glitch was spotted.

In this case, Google searches for “snake eats drunk man” and “python eats drunk man” peaked in volume during November of 2013, which corresponds directly to the above tweet. Interest in the topic fell off sharply but starting in February they both began to rebound, and now in March “python eats drunk man” has recovered 40 percent of the traffic it had at its peak.

So is it possible that we may see a video or a photo of a python eating a drunk man? Obviously, based upon the videos of crocs being swallowed it’s fully possible. There have been reports of adult humans being swallowed by a snake but they’re very rare and so far it’s never been reported for someone specifically listed as drunk. The first credible case is said to be in 2002 when a 20-foot python ate a 10-year-old boy whole in Durban, South Africa.