Watch Virginia Vs Memphis, 2014 NCAA Tournament Round 3, Live Coverage

The PNC Arena in Raleigh N.C will be the venue tonight for the latest March Madness match between Virginia And Memphis in round three of the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

Fortunately for them, Virginia have had a number of contributions up and down the lineup. Joe Harris, and particularly Malcolm Brogdon, have both stepped up to assist, bringing much success for the team.

Brogdon told ESPN on Saturday: “Not having a go-to guy and still having success means everybody’s contributing, everybody’s playing a major role. And I think that’s really been the key to our success. We don’t heavily rely on any one person.”

For his part, Brogdon currently leads the team with an average of 12.6 points per game and his team is just one victory away from tying the school’s record for wins in a single season, and is enjoying its top seed in over 20 years.

Tony Bennett, Virginia’s coach, is obviously well pleased to have two such amazing scorers in his midst: “It just makes the defense not be able to stack the deck as they did at times last year against Joe. And that’s made us, I think, a little more potent offensively at different times,” he said.

Nevertheless Memphis are hopeful as coach Josh Pastner told reporters: “We’ve got senior guards and they have to match up with us as well. And I know that’s something that they’ll have to prepare for, just like we have to prepare for them and their perimeter guys.”

The match starts at 8:40 pm ET and can be streamed live via the NCAA official website. Memphis fans can listen to the action by clicking HERE. Virginia fans can click HERE for live commentary.